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2023 Campers

2024 Campers

Problem Solve • Build • Program • Laugh • Play • Compete • Learn • Create • Make Friends

Camp Registration Opens March 1, 2024

We are putting together another wonderful summer for all our LEGO fans! Registration will open on March 1, 2024. If we can open it earlier, we’ll let you know if you sign up for our email list. For now, please take a look at our SCHEDULE so you can plan your summer! Thank you for your continued support!

Kids love playing with LEGO®

There are now ways to teach them the basics of engineering, programming and how the world works around them. As they learn about gears, motors, pulleys, levers and building it will allow kids to one day transfer those concepts to real life models.


Kids working in  teams encourages personal growth, increases  satisfaction, and results in a ton of fun. Our campers make long lasting friendships and lasting memories. 

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Problem Solving

Problem solving places the focus on the camper making sense of engineering ideas. When solving problems campers are exploring how things work. within a problem context rather than as an abstract.


It’s no secret that creativity is an important part of childhood development. It helps children to develop their imagination, divergent thinking skills, and empathy for others. 

Esther Lee

YoungBotBuilders, LLC, is a locally owned company in Colorado Springs created to teach children STEM concepts and problem solving through LEGO® educational products. 

Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams brings her expertise in teaching a wide variety of STEM courses most recently at Rocky Mountain Classical Academy. She comes to us with about 25 years of teaching experience: