Mindstorms EV3 (ME1)
Location: Play It Now Sports

June 15 – 18, 2020

Mindstorms EV3 (ME2)
Location: Play It Now Sports

July 27 – 30, 2020
1pm – 4pm
Cost $140

Mindstorms EV3 

Ages 10 – 14

The Mindstorms Programming camp is an introduction to programming. Kids are expected to think about the problems, plan out a solution and create a program to run the robots. They learn the foundations of good programming like WAIT blocks, LOOPING and SWITCHES. They also learn naming conventions, commenting, logical thinking and basic file management. Also they will get first hand practice with troubleshooting. There are many things that can go wrong with the robots and kids have to start asking the right questions as to why it’s not working they way they expect. This transfers easily to everyday life. They will also be working in teams of 2. They learn how to best delegate tasks as well as taking turns to make sure everyone gets a good chance to try different tasks.

Day 1

  • Introduce robot pieces to the kids
  • Everyone builds Domabot with a pre-loaded sample program.
  • Introduce Mindstroms EV3 software.
  • Review the Top 8 Tips for Programming Mindstorms sheet
  • Kids do maze challenge #1

Day 2

  • Calculate distances by determining how many degrees it takes a robot to travel 10 inches. Once you have that number you can use proportions to determine other distances.
  • Learn the SWING and PIVOT turns.
  • Calculate how many degrees it would take to make a right turn doing swing & pivot turns.
  • Restart maze from Day 1 using calculations.

Day 3

  • Introduce Touch, Ultrasonic & Color Sensors
  • Program each of the sensors using the concept of Loops

Day 4

  • Introduce the concept of Switches.
  • Show the kids how to follow a line using the robot.

Day 5

  • Final maze. This maze requires the use of all sensors and concepts that we learn during camp.