WeDo Advanced (WA1)
Location: Play It Now Sports

June 12 – 16, 2017
1pm – 4pm
Cost $140

WeDo Advanced

Ages 10 – 13

This class is geared more toward the older LEGO builder and will integrate more complicated LEGO builds alongside an introduction to drag and drop Scratch Programming. Scratch is free software you can access online that helps students learn the logic of computer programming. This language makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games. Students will be using SCRATCH to make their LEGO models move, however they will also be creating online projects. For more info on Scratch, go to: No previous LEGO or programming experience is necessary.

Day 1

  • Easy Alligator
  • Introduction to Scratch*
  • Animate Your Name*
  • Cool Car

Day 2

  • Jet Fighter
  • Create a Card*
  • Helicopter
  • Build an Aquarium Part 1*

Day 3

  • Space Shuttle
  • Monster Crane
  • Build an Aquarium Part 2*

Day 4

  • Forklift
  • Maze Runner Game Part 1*

Day 5

  • Happy Bull
  • Maze Runner Game Part 2*


* Scratch stand alone projects to be done on the computer. No LEGO building involved.