LEGO Travel Trailer

Over 200K bricks and lots of hands to make this display at the Motorhome and Caravan Show 2015. They made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest LEGO caravan. It's also fully functioning.

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Homemade LEGO Gifts

There's a lot of LEGO bricks lying around. Most can be found in my 15 year old son's bedroom. What can you do with all those spare parts? He decided years ago to start making presents for all the "occasions" in our lives. This was a good way to save money on buying presents too. [...]

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How Many Ways Can You Build A Duck?

This past weekend, I attended a LEGO Symposium. It was what I expected - a way of exposing teachers (potential customers) to the whole spectrum of LEGO products that can be used for teaching STEM in the schools. We briefly dipped our toes into the LEGO WeDo, Mindstorms and Tetrix systems. I was so glad [...]

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Using LEGOs as a Substitute Musubi Maker

We were stuck in a bind the other day. What to do? I promised to make Spam Musubi for a potluck on Monday. I had all the ingredients and already made the rice. I went searching through the kitchen for my handy dandy gadget that you need in order to make Spam Musubi. I hadn't [...]

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The Trophy Dilemma

At the end of every season we have won trophies, I have been unsure as to how to "share" the season's prize. The first year, I rotated the trophy between homes for about a year. That was a logistical nightmare. Also, it ended up coming back to us broken. The second year, I just held [...]

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