Teacher Training at Tufts

This past week I traveled to Tufts University Center for Engineering Education Outreach to attend a teacher training workshop on LEGO MIndstorms. It was so valuable to learn how others were using their technology in the classrooms. Although I’m not really a classroom teacher, I picked up some great ideas for how to organize, manage [...]

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How Many Ways Can You Build A Duck?

This past weekend, I attended a LEGO Symposium. It was what I expected - a way of exposing teachers (potential customers) to the whole spectrum of LEGO products that can be used for teaching STEM in the schools. We briefly dipped our toes into the LEGO WeDo, Mindstorms and Tetrix systems. I was so glad [...]

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Happy 80th Birthday LEGO!

It's a terrific milestone. Just for the occasion LEGO created this video that the kids will enjoy. Talk about overcoming adversity. We could learn a few lessons from this family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdDU_BBJW9Y

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Ice Cream Mixed with LEGOS

Last night we took a trip out to the ice-cream store to use up some gift cards I got from the end of the semester. Our local Cold Stone Creamery was the destination of the evening. What a pleasant surprise for my kids when we walked in and saw this LEGO city on display. It [...]

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Look Who’s Coming to Town

We got this postcard in the mail a couple weeks ago. As the kids oohhhhed and ahhheed over it, I had to tell them we couldn't go because we already had plans for that weekend. This Expo goes to select cities every year so maybe we can catch it another time. Looks like fun. I'm [...]

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