LEGO Boost II (BB1)
Rocky Mountain Classical Academy Homeschool Campus
3525 Akers Dr.
Colorado Springs 80922

June 6 – June 9, 2022
1pm – 4pm
Cost $150

LEGO Boost II (BB2)
Western Museum of Mining & Industry
225 North Gate Blvd.
Colorado Springs 80921

July 18 – July 21, 2022
1pm – 4pm
Cost $150


Ages 10 – 14

Build your intergalactic robot using simple coding with LEGO BOOST technology. You will build multiple robots throughout the duration of the camp. Program your robot to move as you command! Upon completion of the robot builds, each child will learn to program the robot to conduct different tasks using the drag and drop icons on the Boost software. Each team is provided a tablet to access the coding software. Each lesson or challenge must be met before the next step is achievable. Team activities will be conducted to achieve your robot’s goal. This class is similar to the LEGO Boost I camp, but the builds are more complicated.

Day 1

  • Introduction to kits and programming
  • Simple car
  • Johnny 5 Robot

Day 2

  • Motorbike
  • Puppy Love

Day 3

  • Verne the Robot

Day 4

  • Verne the Robot does an Obstacle Course