I know, yes there are computers and iPads and other fancy gadgets that are tasked to help kids learn in school. They are valuable tools, but how cool would it have been to be able to program little robots and build LEGO sets with math and science principles in mind? Well the people at LEGO have done a masterful job of helping teachers incorporate these childhood toys into mainstream education.

I recently came across an article, 20 Amazing Examples of LEGOS in the Classroom that listed how teachers from elementary schools through colleges are using LEGOs in their classrooms to facilitate learning and problem solving. It’s a pretty good list of the applications out there. There are hundreds more teachers who also use LEGOs, but didn’t make the list. There’s a growing community of educators who have access to LEGO books, software, user groups, conferences and much more. We’re learning from each other what are best practices from a worldwide network of teachers using LEGOs.