STEMA Explorations (ST1)
Location: Play It Now Sports

July 22 – 26, 2019
9am – 12noon
Cost $140



STEMA Explorations 

Ages 8 – 13

Has your child ever been interested in building their own solar powered car? Have they ever wondered how to actually see DNA in a living organism, or have they ever simply wanted to try and be an astronaut? Then the STEMA workshop is the summer camp of their dreams. The STEMA Explorations camp is a week with the goal of allowing kids from the ages of 8-13 the ability to explore areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Art (STEMA).

The kids will have the ability to explore 5 different areas by engaging in fun activities with in-group or by individual work. Projects will have kids extracting DNA, which they can really see with their own eyes, out of fruits like strawberries. Other projects will be design challenges where they must design a spacecraft to safely land an egg on “Mars” with a budget and parts list.

If your child enjoys science and wants a little bit of everything, then this is the camp for your family. Each day will focus on a different aspect of STEMA  having them learn about the world and how magical it really is.

Day 1

  • Science Day
  • Learn different aspects about science like where DNA comes from
  • Strawberry DNA, and more

Day 2

  • Technology Day
  • Learn about different technologies in the world like renewable energy
  • Solar Power car Challenge
  • Windmill Challenge

Day 3

  • Engineering Day
  • Learn how to do real world problem solving just like engineers
  • Mars Lander Challenge
  • Zip Line Challenge

Day 4

  • Mathematics Day
  • Learn how to solve real world math problems that have exciting rewards
  • Marble Jar Challenge
  • MIT mathematics game design

Day 5

  • Art Day
  • Learn how import art is still in the scientific world and the world of design
  • MIT art game design day
  • Kids will have the ability to design their own games that they get to play