YoungBotBuilders LLC.

LEGO® Engineering
Ages 8 – 13

The LEGO Engineering camp is a high energy LEGO building camp that explores simple machines and mechanisms. Kids work in pairs to each build 1⁄2 of a model. Then they combine their builds to create a finished project. After having finished their projects, they take measurements, make predictions and make modifications to improve their builds. They investigate motorized machines and study gearing mechanisms with the simple and motorized LEGO brick set. We’ll learn about gears, pulleys, wheels & axles and much more! We’ll make devices that move with motors.

If you like building with LEGO bricks you’ll love these new concepts for building and developing mechanical understanding of the world around us. Sprinkled between builds will be opportunities to team build and problem solve. 

Day 1

  • Freewheeler  – Make My Wheels (wheel & axle, inclined plane)
  • Land Yacht – Blowin’ in the Wind (wheel & axle)
  • Tall Towers Challenge

Day 2

  • Hammer – Subjective vs Objective Friction (lever, cam)
  • Fishing Rod – Let’s Go Fishing (lever, pulley)
  • Sweeper – Cleanup, Cleanup, Everybody Cleanup (gear, pulley)

Day 3

  • Power Car – Race Day & Chicken Pull (motor, wheel & axle, gears)
  • Power Crane –Pull that Weight (motor, pulley, lever)
  • Strong Bride Challenge

Day 4

  • Windmill – Bladerunner (gear, rachet)
  • Walker – Ant Fights (rachet, screw, gear, lever)