Our Mission

Since 2011, the purpose of Young Bot Builders, LLC is to educate children through building, problem solving, teamwork, and creativity using various LEGO® elements. Kids love playing with LEGO® bricks and there are now ways to teach them the basics of engineering, programming and how the world works around them. As they learn about gears, motors, pulleys, levers and building it will allow kids to one day transfer those concepts to real life models.


YoungBotBuilders, LLC, is a locally owned company in Colorado Springs created to teach children STEM concepts and problem solving through LEGO® educational products. These camps are taught by Esther Lee who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a Teaching Credential with over 15 years of teaching experience:

  • Taught high school mathematics
  • Coached Junior FIRST LEGO® League (6 – 9 year olds)
  • Coached FIRST LEGO® League (9 – 14 year olds)
  • Teacher for High Country Home Educators
  • Coached for FIRST Tech Challenge (7th – 12th graders)

When she’s not running summer camps, Esther works as a realtor.


Stacy Adams brings her expertise in teaching a wide variety of STEM courses most recently at Rocky Mountain Classical Academy. She comes to us with about 25 years of teaching experience:

  • Mom of five; almost all grown. So far, two are engineers because of LEGO® bricks.
  • Taught in public schools, private schools and homeschool arenas.
  • Taught for High Country Home Educators. (LEGO® and Middle School/High School Math and Science)
  • Currently teaching for Rocky Mountain Classical Academy Homeschool Program. (K-8, LEGO®, PE, Technology & Critical Thinking)

YoungBotBuilders had this great opportunity to be on the morning news on May 9, 2016. We invited two of our builders, Mason and Maya to be on TV with us!


“My son has always enjoyed Legos, but recently I’ve had a difficult time finding ones that are challenging enough to last longer than 5 minutes, but not too hard where he gives up. He LOVED this camp – it was by far the highlight of his summer, and I loved watching him enjoy being challenged. He was always excited about the creations they made that day and can’t wait to do it again!”

“My daughter has gone to several of these camps, and she loves them. They are challenging, she makes new friends, and always has a wonderful time. This program is a staple of our summertime schedule!”

“My son was in your spring break camp. I thought you might appreciate this story. Tonight at dinner we were discussing fixing up bikes for [the] summer and my husband was trying to explain how the chain works and [my son] says ‘I know – there are two gears and the chain goes around them and makes it go. I learned it in LEGO® Camp!’ Then he said ‘and to change the speed, you change the size of the gears. I think I could fix it.’ :-)”

“I like the way you take personal time with each child to assess their progress and refocus them on the goals. I liked the peaceful atmosphere of your classroom and the kindness and patience you show. Your preparation and knowledge base is excellent too! You’re making a difference in your student’s lives!”

“All three of my kids were in the YoungBotBuilders program this summer and had the best time! They were in the car waiting to leave when we it was time to take them there and disappointed when we showed up to pick them back up! Other than the fact that they really wanted to show us all the cool things they built, they could have stayed there all day each day. I’m really excited to put them through the camp again next year, as this has only lit a fire in their LEGO® creating hearts.”

“It’s the only camp that we could get my kids unanimously interested in and excited about. Each day they didn’t mind getting up early and running out the door even on a summer day. Afterward they were so mentally stimulated and yet had expended such great concentration and thought in their designing that they were so calm, happy and peaceful in the car on the way home I thought I had the wrong children. LOL! Good healthy fun for their growing minds. Building brains, confidence AND race cars. :)”

“My daughter loved this camp, she was able to bring out her inner engineer here! Thanks YBB.”

“My son has chosen these camps for years. He has loved every single one!!”

“Thank you for your dedication! You truly made a difference in the lives of these kids!”

“I am telling ya, I am super (happy, glad, stoked… can’t really find a good word to explain how glad I am you are and have been doing these classes, camps, training, educating…. I guess it’s just one of those “Positive humans helping others” type of words I wanted to fit in there haha).
So basically… good job!”